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What kind of technology do we need to run MathImagine?

MathImagine is a web based program that will run on any computer or device that runs Flash™.  This includes PC’s and Mac’s desktops and networked computers, PC and MAC laptops, Android Tablets 4.0 and above, IPAD with a Flash enabled browser


How many students can use MathImagine at one time?

Since we employ distributed servers, the limitations will only be on the school connections.

What plugins do we need to use MathImagine?

There are no plugins or additional software required for this program to be placed on
your device.

Can students access MathImagine from home or the library?

Yes, since the program is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection.

How do we train teachers on the use of the program?

Our program is very intuitive and many tech savvy teachers can be up and running with little to no training, however training is available either in person or remotely by one of our highly qualified trainers. .  The training is about a 2-3 hour training.  The onsite training includes pedagogy and best techniques to utilize the program effectively.  We can also customize training to meet your needs.  Click here to go to  the Training & Implementation page for more information.

Is MathImagine difficult to use?

No, it was designed to be easy for teachers, students and administrators to use.  The reports are simple but powerful.

What kind of licenses can we purchase?

District, school, and individual licenses are available. Prices are available by contacting

How long are subscriptions?

Subscriptions are available for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.

Is there any research to support student achievement using MathImagine?

MathImagine is based on research based best practices.  A white paper supporting this statement is available here:

marker imageMathImagine Whitepaper

Still have a Question?

Please fill out the Support Form and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.  You can also contact us at or call us at 210.492.2783.

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