Algebra TEKS

3 Reasons everyone MUST understand Algebra TEKS

Math Phobia is real and it can hinder an individual’s growth. Learning the Algebra TEKS is imparative. 

Teaching Algebra TEKS is challenging for many students.  There are many times I have overheard students and even parents ask why Algebra is required to graduate high school. Chances are these same people have used some form of Read more

Math Intervention

Blitzing To Math Success: Intense Intervention

Math Intervention made easy with MathImagine

If you are in the educational field, and you live in Texas, then you know the importance of a student’s success on the STAAR test, so any early math intervention is imperative. If you’re not, it’s easily explained.  The STAAR test is the Texas version of statewide standardized testing, which is a test of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the TEKS or the Texas Mathematics Standards. Read more