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Formative Assessment is Reshaping Math Homework

“I’m at war with homework as it presently exists,” says Libby Chaskin, a one-time in-class math educator.   Experts agree unassisted math homework might be pointless in helping the students learn the non-procedural math taught in the classroom.  Immediate feedback has been proven to be the most effective learning method as demonstrated

Texas Math Leaders Conference 2016

This past June 29-July 1, thousands of Texas K-12 math teachers and administrators gathered at the  Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center here in San Antonio, Texas for the annual  Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT).   Sponsored by both the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Texas

STAAR test Prep Tips

As we get closer to benchmark testing, it is important we are tuned into what is needed to prepare for the STAAR TEKS.  Teachers, parents, and students need support to ensure we smooth testing experience.

3 Reasons everyone MUST understand Algebra TEKS

Math Phobia is real and it can hinder an individual’s growth. Learning the Algebra TEKS is imparative.  Teaching Algebra TEKS is challenging for many students.  There are many times I have overheard students and even parents ask why Algebra is required to graduate high school. Chances are these same people have used some form of

Blitzing To Math Success: Intense Intervention

Math Intervention made easy with MathImagine If you are in the educational field, and you live in Texas, then you know the importance of a student’s success on the STAAR test, so any early math intervention is imperative. If you’re not, it’s easily explained.  The STAAR test is the Texas version of statewide standardized testing, which […]