STAAR test Prep Tips

As we get closer to benchmark testing, it is important we are tuned into what is needed to prepare for the STAAR TEKS.  Teachers, parents, and students need support to ensure we smooth testing experience. STAAR Wars

Supporting the Teachers

Keep the front line informed. Teachers are in the field working with the students every day. We at MathImagine like to call it CMA. We are not talking country music, yet Communication, Motivation and continued Appreciation.

  • Communicating deadlines, reminding teachers about resources available, asking them what they need to succeed.
  • Motivation can take the form of many things; sharing improvement scores and progress to the goals are some easy ways to keep momentum.
  • Appreciation is the #1 need of employees and especially ones that give so much to our students. This can be as simple as thank you and as involved as awards and recognition to exceptional achievements. Appreciation also can take the role of listening. Listen to what the teachers are facing in the classrooms and trying to find solutions. Sounds simple, but many times we forget how much this means to our team.
  • Encouraging them to “Switch it up” – changing the environment. For instance, using tutoring tools in the computer lab for the period. Or even pulling out the laptops for a change of pace.  If moving locations once in a while is not practical, maybe changing the décor and environment in the room itself.


Supporting the Parents

Many parents may not understand the new demands students face mastering STAAR TEKS benchmarks.  Students are immense pressure to perform and excel on the STAAR TEKS tests and making sure parents are brought up to speed quickly at the beginning of EVERY year will set the stage for a more productive year. Communicating some helpful tips with supporting their children would be a great place to start with practical advice.

  • Ensuring your student is completing all homework assignments and assisting them from time to time to identify areas of struggle
  • If you struggle to help your student pass complicated subjects, seek tools that help you both learn the material (such as online tutoring programs)
  • Encourage good study habits, critical thinking, and a can-do positive attitude about learning
  • Supporting your child’s consistently good attendance
  • Constant communication with your child’s teacher
  • Make reading a routing as it increases vocabulary – anything helps like magazines, newspapers, and EVEN comic books
  • Playing thinking games, puzzles and programs that engage your student
  • Coaching your student on how to follow directions carefully

Together, we can ensure the students reach their educational goals on the STAAR TEKS.  The schools, the staff, and the community benefit from our students reaching benchmarks.  We are looking forward to supporting all your students’ math learning needs. Please feel free to reach out to us with any specific math learning questions or concerns.



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