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The High Price of “Free” When it Comes to Teaching Tools

According to Learninglist, our Math Education Tool is 95% Aligned to the TEKS 

Big changes when it comes to your supporting math software this year. Before you renew with your current company, look around and evaluate your options.  We are excited to announce that we are one of the vendors most closely aligned with Texas Standards.  Please look us up on Learninglist to see the full review of how our product gets results. 

With a few clicks on the keyboard, one can find worksheets, activities, and games all readily available for teaching math to students. It is tempting to want to use all the free tools and resources out there to build a program for teaching our student math standards, but with growing concerns that we are wasting more time with cobbling together pieces of a disjointed curriculum, the opportunity cost might be higher. There is the cost of time for each teacher to search for tools, ensure they are for the right standard, test them in the classroom and then adapt. This cycle is vicious as it takes precious time away from students actually working on the exact TEKS standards needed to pass the STAAR. Learninglist

There is always a trade off. A common analogy is “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TANSTAAFL)”.  Free lunch is a situation in which a good or service is received at no cost, with the true cost of the good or service ultimately borne by some party, which may even include the recipient.  Economists reference the opportunity cost paid to make a decision, as the decision to consume one product usually comes with the trade-off of giving up the consumption of something else.  A “free lunch” was often promoted during the 1800s to bar patrons who ordered drinks as a way of bringing in more business.  Now, it is a term used to describe anything that appears to be free, there is always a cost, whether indirect or not. 

Math success, like all other subjects, heavily relies on repetitive, focused practice to master the skills.  It takes effort, experience, and strategy to create a winning program for students to follow for success. That is numerous people with hundreds of hours of focused effort and planning to educate students the most efficient way possible. That can’t be free as who would do that sort of intense work for free?  We have heard your complaints about some of the available tools for classrooms and built a solution that works. Don’t believe us, please read our review on Learninglist and judge for yourself if it makes sense to use MathImage’s software. We are compatible on desktops, iPads, great for in-class or at home for home work. 

We also have a 100% success rate with students passing the STAAR!! Call us today! 


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