• Interactive & Animated experiences make learning math fun!

  • See situations graphed in real-time

  • Summaries help students make connections

  • Different situations are animated in real-time

  • Step-by-step learning

  • Math vocabulary is emphasized while learning

  • Lessons help you apply what you’ve learned

  • Multiple representations throughout lessons

  • Students learn at their own pace

  • Our lessons and quizzes are built on the math standards

  • Visualization helps build math vocabulary for ALL students

  • Math is presented in different situations for clear understanding

  • Animated Feedback for incorrect annswer

  • Lessons target math standards and clear up misconceptions

  • Lesson are fun, interactive, and engage students

Our Unique Lesson Design Increases Student Achievement in Math!

You’ll see we design our lessons with the student in mind. MathImagine™ lessons target the math standards your students are expected to know. We use effective strategies that create success in math for ALL students, including English learners and at-risk students.

MathImagine green Lesson iconExplore the slides to the left. Move your mouse over the image and use the left and right arrows to scroll through the screenshots.

Expand each of the items below to learn more…

MathImagine Features...

MathImagine™ Lessons are:

  • Visually appealing;
  • Animated to scaffold learning;
  • Interactive to guide students through the thinking process;
  • Focused on building Math Vocabulary and Academic Language that is used in the classroom and on state assessments; and
  • Fun!

MathImagine Icon for English LearnersThese strategies are also Sheltering Instruction Techniques that target English learners, struggling and At-Risk students too!

Use MathImagine in different settings....

Use MathImagine™lessons in many different settings, in many different ways. Here are just a few ideas, we’re sure you’ll find more!

  • Classroom;
  • Interactive White Boards;
  • Computer Lab;
  • Cooperative Learning Stations;
  • On-Demand Training Tool for learning different teaching strategies;
  • Guide for Administrators;
  • Lesson planning at home; and
  • Student learning at home, or anywhere there’s an internet connection