MathImagine Robust Reporting System…Informing Action that Increases Student Achievement in Math!

We know information drives decisions we make everyday, so why should learning be any different?
MathImagine™ has a Multi-level Robust Reporting System, a powerful tool for targeting student success in math. Run reports or view the data in an easy-to-use online system, numerically and visually!

MathImagine helps you make real-time and planning-ahead decisions via a user-friendly Robust Reporting System at all levels. Whether you are…

  • a student immediately seeing your quiz results;
  • a parent or homeschooler tracking progress of 1 or more learners;
  • a teacher targeting instruction and maximizing lab time; or
  • an administrator making decisions about resources and interventions needed…

MathImagine green Lesson iconExplore the slides..move your cursor over the image and use the left and right arrows or circle buttons to navigate. Have fun!