MathImagine™… turning every Quiz Question into an opportunity for learning math!

We never miss an opportunity to learn in life, so why should a quiz be any different?

Take a quiz and experience firsthand how powerful the Guided Feedback is! It bridges student thinking to the next problem-solving step, clarifying misconceptions in real-time and on-time! Sometimes it just takes a little hint or adjustment for us to get things going.

MathImagine green Lesson iconExplore the slides..move your cursor over the image and use the left & right arrows or circle buttons to navigate. Have fun!

Expand each item below to see what’s packed inside a Quiz and Guided Feedback…

MathImagine Quiz Features that will make you smile...

MathImagine guided feedback on quizzesNot only are MathImagine’s™ lessons interactive, animated, and visual… the quizzes are too! And wouldn’t you know it…there’s more:

  • Effective problem solving hints that create success in math for ALL students, including English learners and at-risk students;
  • Extensive database of questions asked in many different ways to ensure your students understand the math concepts;
  • Focused on using the correct Math Vocabulary and Academic Language in every question and response;
  • Corrects any misconceptions with Guided Feedback; and
  • Much More!

Top 10 Ways to Use MathImagine Quizzes....

There are many ways and settings for using MathImagine’s Quizzes! Here’s just a few. We’re sure you will find more…

  1. As part of your classroom instruction
  2. With an Interactive Whiteboard to enhance learning
  3. Strategy Groups, where students problem solve together while sharing their thinking
  4. Intervention solution in the computer lab or individualized tutoring
  5. MathImagine™ Math Blitzes™
  6. Writing sample questions for pencil and paper quizzes
  7. At home for more practice
  8. Aas an Anticipation Guide for Sheltering Instruction – Pre-assessing what learners might already know
  9. Game Groups in the classroom
  10. AND… for Game Night with your family and friends – yes, math is fun!